Windshield Services

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Windshield Glass Repair Idaho Falls

Windshield streaking is not an issue with Grease Monkey's™ Windshield Rain Repellant Treatment! Our service improves your ability to see clearly and drive safer.

This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain repellant that:

  • Remarkably improves vision in the rain.
  • Causes rain to bead up and roll right off.
  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs.
  • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions.

Windshield Rock Chip Repair

Roads can be tough on windshields! All it takes is one small rock kicked up by a passing truck to damage your windshield, taking a chip out of it. Over time, this chip can spider out with cracks until your whole windshield is ruined. But if you get to it quickly, you can have the chip repaired before it gets any worse. A windshield rock chip repair by your Grease Monkey™ center makes it look almost like new, and it’s your best weapon to prevent splintering and having to replace your entire windshield.

The repair consists of injecting a resin material into the center of the chipped area. Pressure is then applied using a vacuum device so that the resin spreads into the tiny cracks.

  • Rock chip repair is fast, usually taking less than 20 minutes.
  • It saves you money. If the damage spreads, windshield replacement can cost you hundreds of dollars.
  • It’s safe. Rock chip repair restores the structural integrity of your windshield.

Have a rock chip in your windshield? Come see us today for Idaho Falls glass repair!