Rexburg Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Recharge

The Air Conditioning (A/C) Recharge is a combined recovery, recycle, and recharge service using the specified refrigerant to provide chilled air to the passenger compartment. We check, vacuum, purge and recharge your air conditioning system according to the owner's manual specifications. Grease Monkey™ technicians who perform the air conditioning recharge are certified through an EPA-approved training program.

Does your system need a recharge?

Most vehicle owner's manuals recommend the air conditioning system be checked annually. The refrigerant in an air conditioning system does not wear out, but leaks, contaminants, condensation and non-condensable materials reduce its efficiency. Air conditioning systems that no longer cool can indicate the need for service, but it is not meant to be a repair. You will be advised if a repair is recommended

Aircomatic Ultrasonic Air Conditioning Cleaning System

The Aircomatic Ultrasonic Air Conditioning Cleaning System is designed to eliminate unpleasant odors associated with mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria that permeate the air ducts as a result of moisture condensation in the air conditioning system. It also eliminates most odors in the carpeting, upholstery, and headliner that can come from smoking, spilled food and beverages.
*Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.

Air Conditioning Treatment

An air conditioning treatment typically reduces the air temperature provided by your vehicle's air conditioning by 5-15°. It also cuts cabin humidity while improving overall efficiency and extending the life of the air conditioning system. 
* Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.

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