Pocatello Light Replacement


  • Replacing burned-out light bulbs keeps you safe and legal on the road
  • Improves driving safety by allowing greater light emission and visibility at night
  • Restores the appearance of your headlights, increasing the value of your vehicle
  • Saves you money over the cost of headlight replacement

Exterior Lighting Inspection & Replacement

Your exterior lights—headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, backup lights and marker lights—are essential parts of your vehicle’s safety equipment. Properly working exterior lights allow you to see the road, and to be seen by other drivers.

Grease Monkey™ provides a free exterior lighting inspection with every Full Service Oil Change. You don’t always know when you have a burned out or faulty bulb. We’ll let you know if we find any malfunctioning bulbs, and at your request, they can be replaced.

Headlight Restoration

Over time, road debris, harsh chemicals, weather and sunlight can leave your headlights foggy, hazy and discolored. This results in not only an unattractive look, but more importantly, inferior illumination when you need it. With Grease Monkey™'s Headlight Restoration, scratches and pitted surfaces are smoothed and polished, and the cloudy coating is removed, resealing the headlight with a clear, hard resin sealant.
*Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.