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What You Need to Know About GF-5

The GF-5 specification was developed by ILSAC (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) to meet government regulations. GF-5 provides advanced motor oil technology designed to increase fuel efficiency while reducing engine wear. Licensed in late 2010, the GF-5 standard will become more widely used as time goes by.

Why GF-5?

In the evolutionary process of motor oil technology, automakers continue to search for higher quality, more fuel-efficient and robust oils to prolong engine and emissions systems life. There are also environmental considerations. U.S. and European governments have mandated that automakers must meet standards that target about 35 mpg by 2016.

The GF-5 specification is required for most vehicle platforms for American and Japanese automakers beginning model year 2011. The API Service Symbol donut with the SN designation indicates the oil meets the GF-5 specs.

What is DEXOS?

DEXOS is specific to General Motors (GM), and the GM DEXOS oil specification is their attempt to develop a “universal” oil, with even more exacting specifications than the GF-5 standard. That means you may be able to use the DEXOS oil in a non-GM application, but you will not be able to use the GF-5 oil in GM applications without potentially voiding the warranty. While it might appear to be the simple solution to use DEXOS as a universal application, it comes at a higher cost so it may not be a cost-effective choice when it’s not required.

The team of professionals at Grease Monkey can advise you on the recommended oil specification for your vehicle.

Re-Refined Motor Oil

Grease Monkey was one of the first automotive maintenance chains to introduce re-refined oil to our product line. Since 2000, Federal agencies have been required to purchase re-refined oil for most of their fleet vehicles. Offering re-refined oil provides an important eco-friendly service to our environmentally-conscious consumers.

Modern re-refining processes turn used motor oil to a like-new condition by removing dirt and contaminants before adding an additive package formulated to meet the API and new car specifications. Re-refining motor oil reduces the need to use limited virgin crude reserves. Recycling used motor oil helps eliminate possible future ground water contamination or other pollution associated with the improper disposal of used motor oil. All major car manufacturers have approved the use of API certified re-refined oil in their vehicles. If it has an API donut symbol, it is approved! 
*Re-refined motor oil is available at participating Grease Monkey locations



  • Improved fuel economy and fuel economy retention. The intent is to improve fuel economy initially and over the life of the oil.
  • Improved turbocharger protection. More modern engine designs include turbochargers. GF-5 improves turbocharger protection by helping to safeguard the bearings from deposits.
  • Better protection from ethanol containing fuels. GF-5 addresses the use of flex fuels, offering improved lubricant rust and emulsion retention protection for vehicles using gasoline blended with ethanol up to E85.
  • Better emissions system protection, which helps extend the life of after-treatment devices, like catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.
  • Improved oil robustness. GF-5 is more durable, and improves high and low temperature deposit protection and piston cleanliness.