Idaho Falls Wiper Blade Replacement


Good wiper blades are a key safety element so you can see clearly and safely operate the vehicle in all types of weather conditions.

The effects of sunlight, ozone and oxidation cause the rubber blade of your wipers to deteriorate. Also, as windshields age, they get pitted from road debris, dirt and sand, and this causes wiper blades to wear faster. Your Grease Monkey™ technician visually inspects your blades each time you come in for a Full Service Oil Change. You’ll also be asked how your wiper blades are working. If they need replacement, new wiper blades will be installed.

Do your wiper blades need to be replaced?

When your blades leave lines and streaks on your windshield, or they no longer move smoothly or quietly across the glass, it’s time for wiper blade replacement. If you live in snow country, consider winter blades that are wrapped with a rubber cover that keeps the moving parts of the blade from freezing, and allows the entire blade to conform to the windshield.

From $10.99