Idaho Falls Tire Services


  • Promotes uniform tread wear
  • Extends/maximizes the life of your tires
  • Boosts your vehicle's fuel economy
  • Increases your vehicle's performance
  • Increases your driving safety
  • Improves vehicle handling and increases driving safety
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Extends tire life
  • Improves tire pressure retention
  • Eliminates rim rust
  • Eco-friendly!

When combined with proper tire/wheel alignment, balanced wheels ensure smooth, enjoyable driving and provide maximum tire life.

  • Minimizes vibrations and pulling
  • Promotes proper tire wear
  • Improves vehicle handling

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is the removal and relocation of each tire on your vehicle. Each tire on your vehicle wears differently, depending on their position on your vehicle, your personal driving style, your vehicle's weight distribution, and performance characteristics. Front tires typically tend to wear more quickly than rear tires, because of steering/cornering forces and the difference in weight on the front tires. Drive tires tend to wear more quickly than non-drive tires. Rotating the position of your tires periodically promotes more even tread wear, and will help you get the most miles out of your tires, the best traction, and improved driving safety. During the service, we'll rotate your tires according to your owner's manual recommendations. Rotating tires is an important routine maintenance service for your vehicle, like oil changes.

Do your tires need to be rotated?

Grease Monkey™ recommends tire rotation in accordance with your owner's manual recommended service intervals. Your Grease Monkey™ technician will check your owner's manual and let you know the proper tire rotation service interval for your specific vehicle.
* Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.

Wheel Balancing

Proper wheel balance helps ensure a smooth ride, and minimizes tire wear. Out-of-balance wheels can cause vibration in your vehicle's ride, premature or irregular tire wear, and unnecessary wear on your vehicle's suspension. When driving with an out-of-balance wheel, the tire bounces down the road, rather than spinning smoothly. This can affect the speed and handling of your vehicle. The lightweight suspension systems of today's vehicles are more sensitive to imbalance than older cars. Your Grease Monkey™ technician will balance your tires to proper specifications.

Do your wheels need to be balanced?

Grease Monkey™ recommends you have your wheels balanced each time you rotate your tires, according to your owner's manual specifications. 
* Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.

Nitrogen Tire Service

The air inside the tire contributes to tire degradation, which can lead to tire failure. Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas; it's basically dry air with oxygen removed. Pure nitrogen protects the rubber, and by its very nature, prevents tire degradation and rim corrosion caused by moist oxygen. When you use nitrogen to fill the tire rather than regular air, less of it escapes. This means more reliable tire pressure, so the tire stays at its optimum level. Nitrogen has been used for many years by the military, NASCAR, and is required in commercial airlines by the FAA because of the benefits it provides. During the service, your Grease Monkey™ technician removes the air currently in the tires, and refills the tires with nitrogen. We place special green or blue caps on the valve stems as a reminder that the tires have been filled with nitrogen. Nitrogen can increase your fuel economy - calculate your fuel expense savings here:

Want to fill your tires with nitrogen?

You can choose to have the Nitrogen Tire Service at any time. Once you have the service performed at Grease Monkey™, you can bring it back for free top-offs between services, up to 3 psi per tire. If more than 3 psi per tire is needed, we may recommend you have the Nitrogen Tire Service performed again.
* Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.

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