Avoid These 3 Major Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes

Avoid These 3 Major Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes

Taking care of your car isn’t just a recommendation, it’s one of your main responsibilities as an adult driver. In a recent survey, research found that roughly 77% of all vehicles were in need of auto service maintenance or repairs. 

Obviously, if you're not a skilled technician, you’re not going to be able to handle your car’s radiator services and other complicated automotive tasks, but you still need to know the basics. To avoid causing damage out on the roads or jacking up your future auto bills, beware of making these costly vehicle maintenance mistakes. 

Postponing your oil change
Whether you’re driving a brand new vehicle or a used one, oil changes need to be done regularly. If you let your oil get too dirty, it will not function properly and your engine will likely overheat. Typically, it’s recommended that you get an oil change at least once every three months or every 3,000 miles. 

Never checking your tires
If you aren’t checking your tires every time before you get behind the wheel, you’re putting yourself and everyone else out on the roads in jeopardy. Even high quality tires can lose pressure at any point throughout the day, driving or not. You should ensure that your tires are always full of air, and have professionals fix any alignment issues and properly rotate your tires every few months as well. 

Delaying your state inspection
If you aren’t staying on top of your car’s inspection and registration, not only will you need to fork over more money in the future, but you run the risk of being in serious legal trouble as well. If you’re uninsured, for instance, your license will be suspended and your vehicle could be towed upon being pulled over. Trusted maintenance shops can provide everything from tire rotations to radiator services. Don’t make the easily avoidable mistake of not getting your car inspected. 

Make sure you’re taking excellent care of your car both when you’re driving and when it’s just sitting in your driveway. If you need further assistance, however, you should always contact a professional automotive maintenance shop. If you’re in need of professional radiator service, brake service, oil change, and more, visit Grease Monkey Idaho for exceptional automotive care.