Pocatello Battery Services

Battery Replacement

Your vehicle's battery supplies electrical power to the starter and the other electrical components of the vehicle needed to start the engine. When the engine starts running, the charging system takes over to provide electricity to the various vehicle electrical systems. The battery stores energy for the vehicle, and provides power to the electronic components as needed when the vehicle is off, like the music system, digital clocks, door locks, alarms, onboard computers, etc. During the service, we will visually inspect the existing battery, and use test equipment to check its cranking amp capacity. When replacement is indicated, our technician will connect an external power source to the electrical system if needed to prevent loss of memory in your vehicle's electrically powered accessories. We'll then remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Does your battery need to be replaced?

Depending on where you live and how you drive, the condition of your charging system, and other factors, a battery lasts about four years on average.
* Available at participating Grease Monkey™ locations.

Battery Guard Service

Battery cable terminals connect the battery to the electrical system. Over time, battery terminals accumulate acid and exhibit corrosion. With a Battery Guard Service, acids and corrosion are removed, the posts and terminals are cleaned and a felt pad is installed over the battery post. The final step is the application of a chemical inhibitor to prevent reformation of these deposits.

Does your battery need a guard service?

Have a Battery Guard Service performed when a visual inspection of the battery shows corrosion has started.

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