Idaho Falls Air Filter Replacement


  • Increased fuel economy
  • Reduced emissions output
  • Prolonged, trouble-free engine life
  • Maximized engine performance
  • Maintains your vehicle warranty requirements
  • Maintains clean airflow throughout the passenger cabin by capturing airborne particles as small as one micron
  • Prolongs the life of heater and air conditioner cores, offering protection from dirt, debris and possible corrosion


For every gallon of gasoline burned, an engine takes in about 9,000 gallons of air.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

The air filter traps airborne contaminants like dirt and dust, and keeps them from getting into the engine's moving parts. Without the air filter, these contaminants would cause excessive wear to the engine's moving parts, and reduce fuel economy. A clean air filter also allows the correct mixture of air and fuel, helping to increase your gas mileage and engine performance. During the service, the air filter is removed and inspected. If its condition indicates replacement, a new air filter is installed.

Does your air filter need to be replaced?

Owner's manual recommendations vary based on your driving conditions. The general guideline is to change your air filter when it's no longer translucent or appears dirty, and can no longer do an effective job.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Many vehicles today have a climate control system in the passenger cabin, which cleans incoming air during the heater, air conditioner, and vent modes. The system includes a cabin air filter to help remove dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles from the air you breathe inside your vehicle. This is especially beneficial in certain driving conditions, like dusty roads, city driving, and industrial areas. The cabin air filter is also responsible for adequate airflow into the passenger cabin. Over time, the cabin air filter becomes clogged or dirty, and those that come with an electrostatic charge become depleted, reducing airflow into the passenger cabin. If not replaced, the heater and air conditioner cores could eventually be damaged by corrosion. During the service, the cabin air filter is removed and inspected. If its condition indicates replacement, a new air filter is installed.

Does your cabin air filter need to be replaced?

The cabin air filter should be replaced according to your owner's manual recommendations. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a cabin air filter replacement every 12 months or 15,000 miles.
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