Auto Assistance: 3 Power Steering Tips

Auto Assistance: 3 Power Steering Tips

Power steering is one of the most important aspects of auto maintenance. Without your steering working properly, it'll be extremely difficult to maneuver your vehicle, which can lead to potentially fatal disasters. It's recommended that you replace your power steering fluid at least once every five years or every time you travel 50,000 miles in your vehicle. Replacing the steering fluid will help prolong your car's lifespan and avoid the risk of expensive repairs.

Here are some other tips for keeping your steering wheel functioning properly and making sure that your vehicle is as safe as possible while you're inside of it:

  • Don't drive erratically -- This should go without saying, but many drivers think it's okay to wildly drive down the road if no one else is around. Spinning around on country roads may be fun, but if you are constantly jerking your steering wheel back and forth, you're going to severely diminish your vehicle's steering capabilities.

  • Head to an auto body shop -- If you suspect for even a moment that your vehicle's steering isn't functioning properly, don't wait, talk to a professional. Experienced auto mechanics can fix just about any issue on your car, and its steering ability is one of the first places they will look. Don't ignore any auto issue, especially when it comes to your steering -- get professional assistance right away.

  • Inspect your car's tire pressure -- Not many drivers are aware of this, but steering problems can be caused by incorrect or low tire pressure. Low tire pressure will make the steering much more difficult to operate, and will require a lot more effort on the driver's part to handle the vehicle. Inflating your car's tires to the correct pressure will (at least temporarily) fix that problem.

While you're behind the wheel, clearly it's important to make sure that everything is working correctly in order to avoid catastrophic roadway collisions. But even when your car is safely tucked away inside your garage, you need to regularly inspect it.

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