Grease Monkey Idaho and all of our five Southeast Idaho locations are your leaders in vehicle maintenance and repair. Grease Monkey has locations all over the world and employs highly trained Technicians and Service Advisors. Your Southeast Idaho locations are owned and operated by Tyson Daniels and his crew. The Grease Monkey location near you is waiting to form a long lasting relationship with you so that we can become an integral part of maintaining your investment. Grease Monkey is able to perform basic oil maintenance all the way to in depth mechanical repairs. We also offer glass repair and replacement. When you enter a Grease Monkey location, you are introduced to a Service Advisor who will guide you through the process of an informed and comfortable service. It begins and ends with a handshake. We will also introduce you to our PIT CREW GUARANTEE TIMER. This is because your time is important to us. The Pit Crew Timers will keep track of the time you have been quoted at our facility to complete your service. If we do not complete your service within the time given for your Pit Crew Guarantee, we will discount your service based on how far we went over. We want to be the only place in Idaho that you trust with your vehicle maintenance and we want to earn your business. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns.

All of our services and repairs are 100% Warranty Approved. You are welcome to bring your brand new vehicles here for all of your service needs and this will completely retain the requirements and needs of your manufacturer's warranty.

Grease Monkey Idaho...More than just an oil change!